March 14-April 14, 2012: Wrote a 7-page creative non-fiction article about James and his story. Scheduled another interview, but had to cancel. Began logging quotes from first interview. Gathered footage and images of James’ time in Iraq.

Click for the story: Wounded Warrior


March 10-13, 2012: Met and shot the first interview. A lot was revealed about my subject. Discovered the extent of his injuries. Met his daughter, Hannah.


February 7-23, 2012: Continued more research. Completed an in depth look at three other war documentaries. Studied the techniques, mood, and overall messages. Also, made first contact with James. Got a brief idea of his schedule. Scheduled out first interview for the documentary for March 10th.


February 3-6, 2012: E-mailed and met with adviser for advice on shooting a documentary. He gave me plenty of great tips. Found my Director of Photography.


February 2, 2012: Submitted an unofficial proposal of the documentary idea to my project supervisor. From there I was given thumbs up to start working. Plans: Research, Research, Research.


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