Current Project

It’s no secret I am a graduate student at Lindenwood University, and in the last few months I have completed all of the major course work and requirements to get my Masters in Digital and Multimedia Arts. I have completed all, but one final culminating project. I’ve even made the much satisfying walk across the giant stage to receive the diploma. Too bad the booklet the President of the University handed me was empty.I know I say I walked, but I’m not officially done with my coursework. I am in the final stages of my final project, also my current project, a documentary. I’ve trained and studied to be a reporter or in some way or another partake in the production of daily news shows. Which is why I was a little surprised when I realized how much I love shooting documentaries. Documentaries are a usually classified as feature films, which is not really what I’m used to working with. Needless to say, I’m shooting a documentary and loving every minute of it.

Enough about me, but let’s move on to the documentary.

Click for the story: Wounded Warrior


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