The Writer

My name is Jessica Rogers. I currently serve as the News Assignment Editor for LUTVNews, Lindenwood University. I took this position in January 2011 as a Graduate Assistant. The position came to me after receiving my degree in Communications and serving as a producer, writer, and reporter for the station.

I have completed the my coursework in order to earn my Masters. To learn more about my culminating project click here. I continue to serve as a Grad Assistant at LUTV, but now I am also an Adjunct Professor. I am working on my second post graduate degree, an MFA in writing.

I love sharing stories and hearing all of the interesting things others have to say. I’ve been told that I should be a psychologist, because of my ability to listen. Being a good reporter is more than looking good on camera or always saying the right things. It’s having the ability to listen and knowing when you’ve got a good story to begin with.

In my short time as a student at Lindenwood, I’ve met and interviewed numerous people of all different cultures and it’s been a humbling experience. I love taking every story as a learning opportunity, not just for myself, but for those I pass them along to.

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I believe integrity, honesty and just plain old hard-work ethics are missing from today’s workforce. People have become lazy and will do anything to earn a quick buck, even if it means lying and cheating. Exposing those types of people is not something I enjoy, but I feel is necessary to bring our business culture to a higher standard.

I’ve lived in three different cities in two separate states, and have traveled to many places across the states. I love to travel!!! It is my dream to see the world one day at a time.


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