GOP Debate

Original Post Date: June 2012

Hundreds of supporters for the Republican Party gathered together on Lindenwood’s Campus. Lindenwood hosted the GOP Senatorial Candidate debate on June 11th. As being a part of the LUTV Staff, I got to not only attend the event, but I also got to cover it as a reporter. The three candidates that were challenged during the debate were Republican Rep. Todd Akin, Sarah Steelman, and John Brunner. The three candidates were asked a series of questions by a carefully selected panelist. Each candidate then had to answer the questions while challenging their opponents. The point behind this debate is to help Missouri Voters decide who is the better candidate to run against the incumbent Claire McCaskill for the Missouri seat in the Senate.

After the debate, I had a chance to attend a press conference held for the media. I stood right alongside Fox 2’s Betsy Bruce during the conference. It was really interesting to see how the professionals composed themselves during the event and to hear the questions they asked.

From what I’ve learned about the three candidates during the debate is they all share very similar political views on all the major issues. Each candidate clearly believed that the federal government needs to do away with many of their agencies including the Department of Education and Welfare. They all believe that each state should be in charge of these departments to make them locally ran agencies.

It was a really unique opportunity to not only attend this event, but to get back-stage and shake hands with the candidates. The other aspect of the event was witnessing all of the work that went into the production of the show. LUTV spent days just setting up the cameras, audio and creating all of the graphics and other elements to pull off a great show. This event opened my eyes to the work that goes behind these debates. I learned a lot about the Republican Parties views on ObamaCare and other major issues our country faces today.


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