Cinema St. Louis

Original Post Date: August 2011

When you think of movies and film typically you think of Hollywood, but last week filmmakers of St. Louis proved that you don’t have to live in Hollywood to be a producer. The 11th annual St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase featured a special local guest. Many people aren’t even aware the 1980’s defender of the universe was born right here in St. Louis, and that’s why Voltron Force was the premiere event of the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. The Tivoli Theater was packed with St. Louis filmmakers proud to show off their work. One group in particular included the producers of the Nicktoon’s Voltron Force.

I had the opportunity to talk to and interview not only the Creative Director/Producer Jeremy Corray, but I also spoke with the “Father” of Voltron, Ted Koplar. I thought the Q&A sessions they held after the show was a great way to get the audience involved with the showing. The montage prior to the show was great to give a background on the original Voltron. By the end of the 90 minute showing, I was intrigued and ready to watch the next episode. The graphic design behind the animation was well done. The character writing could have used a little more work. Getting to talk to the creators of the show made the experience all the more worthwhile. Most of all, this event taught me that in the entertainment industry one man cannot stand alone.


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