Featured Post: Race Day!

It’s been a while since I accomplished my goal of running a half marathon, maybe a little too much time has gone by. I am very pleased to say that I finished my first half marathon on October 7th, 2012. Achieving this goal has taught me a lot about myself and about life. I’ve learned that no matter what I set my mind to, if it’s something that I really want then I can do it. I am extremely proud! Staying motivated is key.

A few quotes by Navy Seal and endurance athlete, David Goggins, that kept me going:

Quotes pulled from: Blog of Impossible Things

“In a race, you hit several walls. Every time you hit a wall, it’s a big deciding factor in that race, or in life, if you’re not running. You have a big decision to make.  You can either stop at that wall and go parallel left or parallel right. You are looking for that door.  When you get to that door you have another decision to make.  Should I open it or should I keep it closed.  If you keep it closed you made the decision to quit.  If you open that door you made the decision  to carry on, to continue on your journey or mission, whatever you’re on.  I always open that door!  Once you open that door, and you go through it, your mind resets and it gives you 

a few more miles.”

Deep. Very deep and holds to true to all things in life!

“When you think you are done you’re only 40% of what your body is capable of doing. That’s just the limit that we put on ourselves.”

…Keeping this thought in the back of my mind at all times during the race. Our minds our ready to quit before our bodies are. The training weeks and months prior to the big race is more about training the mind than it is the body. I learned to revision myself and power my brain with thoughts of “I can do this, and NO ONE can stop me!”

This biggest lesson to be learned here… So can you!